Cancellation & Refund Policy

How can customers ask for refund?

• Please contact our customer care via email or call.

• For 1 to 1 and subscriptions – Refunds validity up to one month only, for further queries contact

• In case of shopping products, the customer care team will validate the request by checking the timelines, product type, warranty terms, etc and shall take the request for refund or exchange.

• Ensure to collect the correct and accurate return address from customer care.

• Pack the product properly and label the product with the order number, return address and your address.

• Follow the instructions of customer care carefully for packaging and returning the product using courier services.

• The product shall be considered for refund only if the product is in undamaged condition [there should be no scratches, no wear & tear, no dents etc.] and if you intimate us within 30 days of purchasing.

A refund can be refused because of any of the following reasons.

1. Your online course subscription validity expires.

2. Your complaint regarding online courses is found not genuine after validation by our team.

3. The product is completely broken and unusable or with scratches or incomplete as per the seller claims from the customer.

4. The order returned does not accompany all the accessories (including freebies) which were serviced along with the order.

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