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A Complete Solution for Online Qur’an Education. New Way to learn Islamic Education, Qur’an with translation, Hifzul Qur’an, Basic Islamic Needs…

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"The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it."

Sahih al-Bukhari 5027

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    Every review we've ever received
    Light Quran Academy!

    I've been using the Quran course for my kids since Mar and my kids have improved a whole lot. I've recommended this program to two of my friends already.

    Maryam Jameel

    Excellent place to improve your tajweed, great teachers who are very patient and the internet is very good when having a conference meeting.

    Shahzad Ahmed

    My daughters have been reading Qur'an with the Light Quran Tuition for a few months now and Al-hamdulillah they are doing well.

    Ali Mirza

    Wonderful teaching Services Provided by Light Quran Academy. Alhamdulillah, My Daughter Just Completed Quran Translation Course by Your Institute.

    Fatimah Yasir

    Very Professional Tutors. Saim From USA FL

    Muhammad Faisal

    LQA is a very good teacher, she is very patient and very kind. I have noticed my daughter improving in tajweed and her recitation.


    Alhamdullilah so far so good. I am satisfied with their honest and prompt service. Tutor Sister Amira is always on time and knowledgeable in teaching Quran with tajweed.


      Why you should opt Light Quran Academy?


      We have expert and Well trained teachers.we provide 2 months training to our teachers.


      We Teach Quran with Tajweed & Tafsir, & Hifz ul Quran. Special Islamic course which include all the essentials about Islam,


      We provide one to one class to each Student.Class Duration is 30 minutes.20 minutes for Quran & 10 minutes for Islamic Study..


      Our Teachers Give Special Importance to Ikhlaq and tarbiyah of kids while teaching the Holy Quran.


      At the End of the month, our Special and Qualified teacher take the students' Exam Class, than they guide their teachers.


      We support 24/7 hours to our Students. You can Complain or ask any Question about Light Quran Academy at any time.

      Services We Offer

      Light QuranAcademy.com has a very comprehensive curriculum that covers all the basic things necessary for learning Quran and Basics of Islam efficiently.



      Light Quran Academy has introduced a special book called Islamic Study which consists of 12 volumes.
      In Islamic studies, students are made to memorize at least ten surah, Supplication, hadith…

      Directly above view of Quran with old pages standing on the table.



      Online Quran Reading Course is design for kids, adults and all the Muslims around the world who are not able to Read Quran Online with rules of Tajweed. “Quran Reading” Course…


      Qur'an Memorization

      Quran Memorization Course

      Quran Memorization at home is easy now. Alhamdulillah we all are Muslims and Allah created us in the Muslim’s home. He sent the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to us for telling…


      Noorani Qaida

      Noorani Qaida Course

      This course Noorani Qaida for kids is designed special for those students who have the first setup into learning Quran. In this course student can learn Noorani Qaida…


      Tajweed Course

      QURAN Tajweed Course

      Tajweed linguisticallyis the Arabic word and its meaning “proficiency” or making clear sound of every word. Itmeans giving every letter of Qur’an…

      Tafsir Al Qur'an

      Quran translation & Tafsir course

      lightquranacademy.com is the best institute for teaching Tafsir ul Quran for all person of age. If you want to learn Quran with translation and tafsir…

      We have experienced Male and Female Tutors

      Simple Class Requirements

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      Tuition Fee

      We have a Paypal verified payment solution and also have other methods to get the payments. So it’s easier and very secure to make the payments online. Follow our regular plans.

      2 Days/Week

      Lecture Duration: 30 Min
      $20 / month
      • 24/7 support

      3 Days/Week

      Lecture Duration: 30 Min
      $30 / month
      • 24/7 support

      4 Days/Week

      Lecture Duration: 30 Min
      $40 / month
      • 24/7 support

      5 Days/Week

      Lecture Duration: 30 Min
      $50 / month
      • 24/7 support

      6 Days/Week

      Lecture Duration: 30 Min
      $60 / month
      • 24/7 support

      2 Days/Weekend

      Lecture Duration: 30 Min
      $35 / month
      • 24/7 support

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